Johnathan W. Bartlett
A development position where an experienced Cold Fusion application programmer would be desirable
Currently not available
2000-Present AT&T Wireless > Cingular > AT&T Bothell, WA
Cold Fusion Application Programmer, Senior

Played a major part in the coding of 16 large intranet applications and created many other smaller short-term and prototype applications.

2000 Herrick Douglass, Inc. Bellevue, WA
Cold Fusion Application Programmer, Senior
  • AT&T Wireless: Served two months as a contractor to create the Marcom (Market Communications) intranet website
1999-2000 Maxim Group Knoxville, TN
Cold Fusion Application Programmer, Senior
  • Rated a 9 out of a possible 10 on Maxim Group's Technical Interview for Cold Fusion
  • Maintain and improve the website for Clayton Homes' Sales Centers, a system that allows the entire process of buying a mobile home to be done over the Internet/Intranet
1997-1999 Q Systems Oak Ridge, TN
Cold Fusion Application Programmer
  • One of two programmers for the UF6 Cylinder Information Database to track over 60,000 cylinders that contain uranium for the Department of Energy - including detailed inspection histories and dynamic on-the-fly maps of the cylinder yards.
  • Responsible for all modifications and updates to the Vehicle Cost and Reporting System that tracks all the vehicles owned by the Department of Energy at three DOE plants
  • Maintains all Cold Fusion programs for the RADCON Dosimetry Information website for Department of Energy employees to view their Dosimetry information
  • Designed a timekeeping application where employees can keep track of their time and generate time sheets
1996-1997 United States Air Force Gunter AFB, AL
Web Designer
  • Developed the website for the Standard Material Accounting System (SMAS) giving SMAS users access to the latest information regarding their accounting system
  • Developed the website for the Financial Management and Comptroller Systems giving worldwide users a central information site for support to 10 Air Force systems
Configuration Control and Programmer
  • Responsible for all software maintenance of 56 Pacbase (a COBOL development tool) programs used within the Material Accounting Systems Section to track and control software versions, difficulty reports, system advisory notices, and system requirement request documents
  • Tracked, controlled, and released software and documentation without error for 35 SMAS software releases compromising 1,245 programs supporting over 20,000 users worldwide
1991-1995 United States Air Force Gunter AFB, AL
Financial Systems Programmer
  • Designed, developed, modified, and/or maintained 601 Pacbase programs for SMAS, the system used Air Force wide for managing inventories controlled by base supply and medical activities
1989-1991 Central Texas College Killeen, TX
  • Computer Information Sciences
   Job Skills
Cold Fusion, Javascript, DHTML, HTML, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Perl, Pacbase, COBOL, FoxPro, ECL

Extensive knowledge of internal hardware/peripherals and troubleshooting skills for the Intel and AMD computer systems
   Expanded Work Detail
  • EA - Extranet Advantage/IBM Advantage/TX Advantage
    A customized private network that our Corporate Digital Advantage (CDA) customers can use to share business information with non-employees (vendors, partners, and customers, for example) in a secure manner using Internet protocols and public telecommunications services.
    825 files, 66,488 lines of code
  • eWENPro
    A web-based tool used by AWS employees and customer telecom managers to provision and maintain closed user groups (CUGs) and Wireless Office Products.
    102 files, 19,612 lines of code
  • FAST - Funnel Application Sales Tool
    FAST application is developed for the sales team (Care call centers, Activation centers, AWS Retail etc.) across all organizational levels to capture, exploit, and share sales opportunities nationally.
    116 files, 18,582 lines of code
  • IWOF (Internal Web Ordering Form)
    A centralized tool that simplifies the process of gathering order data and provides order status for the Sales Operations and National Business Ordering (NBO) Call Center organizations. IWOF centralizes ordering activities to a single entry point and order status point for all order types.
    655 files, 129,044 lines of code
  • EWOF (External Web Ordering Form)
    The external (internet) facing version of IWOF.
    255 files, 38,098 lines of code
  • MWOF (Moble Web Ordering Form)
    The moble phone (PDA) version of IWOF.
    202 files, 32,276 lines of code
  • Marcom
    Responsible for the company's advertising, consumer material, business material, direct marketing, and visual merchandising.
    49 files, 4,183 lines of code
  • Mercuree
    A Web-based National Corporate Care management and reporting system that manages reference information for business corporate care. It provides access to corporate profile data, account tracking, account pricing, and account alternate voice/data (AVD) tables.
    143 files and 33,419 lines of code.
  • Wireless Status Tracker (MOST)
    The Wireless Status Tracker application is used to communicate project status (Green/Yellow/Red) to stakeholders and cross-functional organizations.
    93 files, 15,993 lines of code
  • NBO Webforms
    Designed to place orders, activate service, and deliver phones.
    271 files, 52,725 lines of code
  • RWOF (Retail Web Ordering Form)
    When AT&T Wireless business customers migrated to Cingular's network after AT&T Wireless merged with Cingular, Cingular needed a means of identifying the service and device discounts they deserved. RWOF was created as a means of searching for their discount information and notifying the Cingular team responsible for assigned the discount to the Cingular wireless account.
    57 files, 9,838 lines of code
  • WorldView
    A set of services for business customers that allows multinational companies and government organizations to manage wireless services across their entire enterprise.
    149 files, 14,696 lines of code
Clayton Homes
Clayton Homes contracted a company in Georgia to develop a massive website to allow the process of performing credit application checks and buying a home to be done over the internet. The contracted company spent a little over a year creating the application, demo'ed, turned it over to Clayton, and declared bankruptcy. (They even had someone behind the scenes mucking with the data during the Demo so everything would work.) I was hired on a six-month contract to fix literally hundreds of bugs and to improve the stability and efficiency of the site. Once the site was stable and actually worked as desired, I was tasked to add new functionality and reports.

UF6 Cylinder Information Database
CID is the application the Department of Energy uses to track over 60,000 cylinders that contain uranium (UF6) at three DOE sites (Oak Ridge, TN; Portsmouth, OH; and Pudacah, KY). Comprised of 205 Cold Fusion programs (37,271 lines of code) and 239 PL*SQL programs (19,973 lines of code), CID keeps a detailed history of each cylinder (location and inspections) and provides a multitude of reports including interactive graphical maps of the cylinder yards.

Vehicle Cost and Reporting System
VCRS tracks 3,291 vehicles for the Department of Energy at three DOE sites (Oak Ridge, TN; Portsmouth, OH; and Pudacah, KY). 119 Cold Fusion programs (18,219 lines of code) allow users to view and update all information for each vehicle from its condition and who it is assigned to down to how much fuel it used. The capability exists to allow all users to upload any delimited text file, no matter the format, and import the information into the databases.

Time Accounting System
The Time Accounting System (TAS) is made up of 21 Cold Fusion programs (2,045 lines of code) allows users to enter their time on any charge account assigned to them and provides instant totals as they enter their information. Once they are finished entering their time information, the application will generate a Word Document of their time sheet to turn in.

Financial Systems and Configuration Control Programmer
The 601 Pacbase programs for the Standard Material Accounting System (SMAS) is made up of 1.2 million lines of COBOL code and the Configuration Control portion (Program Information and Tracking System - PITACS) consists of 135,601 lines of COBOL code in 56 Pacbase programs.